Metta on the Mat Yoga Studio

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Yoga is a practice that allows the mind and the body to connect through the breath.  In our very busy and hectic lives it is important to set aside some time to turn inward and connect with yourself, relax, let go of stress and move the body in a way that allows for release, renewal and through the poses an opportunity to build flexibility and strength.  
Metta on the Mat yoga studio is a small studio that gives a feeling of community and connection.   Class sizes are limited to 7 to allow the teacher a chance to provide modifications and adjustments so that each student is able to receive the greatest benefit that they can from their practice.  The studio is dimly lit to encourage relaxation and calm.  All mats and props are provided for you although you are always welcome to bring your own.  
Choose a class that best fits your needs.  Each class has a different intention and the teacher will modify to assist with injury, disease or difficulty moving into poses.  Yoga can be practiced by anyone and the benefits to both mind and body grow each time you come to the mat. 
Looking forward to seeing you on the mat!